Authentic experience
Kayak autentic experience



While kayaking, you will feel the beauty of the rapids and learn first-hand how to make friends with the demanding water current, which guides you and defies your paddles at the same time. We provide such an experience for everyone!

NEW! Self-guided kayak trip Narnia! Unique river experience!

Narnia kayak descent - independently along the Soča river


1. Rental for an individual: inflatable "sit on top" kayak, paddle, neoprene suit, neoprene shoes, life jacket, helmet, waterproof phone case

2. Instructions at the base ("safety talk"): presentation of the correct use of equipment, the basics of rowing techniques on the river...

3. Transportation: Base - entry point (Čezsoča) and exit point (Boka) - Base

4. Google map navigation - instructions for orientation, communication and emergency calls.

Duration: 2 hours on the water, including transfers of up to 3 hours

Price: from 40 € / person


+ parking space at our base

+ a refreshing non-alcoholic drink

+ changing rooms and toilets at the destination

+ warm shower

Narnia kayak descent - independently along the Soča river


Kayak trip on the Soča "Narnia" is a welcome novelty for all adventurers who want to be "the captain of their own ship".

Go independently along the Soča River, using a safe "sit on top" kayak. This way you can experience the rapids of the Soča River at your own pace and get to know the surrounding landscape. You will also paddle past the Gljun stream estuary, where an excerpt from the famous film The Chronicles of Narnia was filmed. The organizers will make sure that you get all the necessary safety instructions and provide you with the appropriate equipment and transportation. We will also be available to help you by phone at all times, should you find yourself having any difficulty.

Call us and organize your unique kayak descent!

Info: m +386 31 263 632   I

EASY Kayak descent Soča clasic A+

Section: Boka-Srpenica 2

River Difficulty: I-III

Activity Difficulty: Medium

Duration: up to 3 hours with transportation

Departures: 9.00 and 13.00 (meeting 30 min before departure)

Max. Number: 8 persons

Price: from 65 € / person

Price includes: organization, guide, refreshing soft drink, energy bar, changing rooms, transport, hot shower



+ Small groups, Personal approach, No rush

+ Refreshing soft drink

+ Photos and Videos from your activity

+ Energy bar

+ Hot shower available

EASY Kayak descent Soča clasic A+


We provide "sit on top" descents with inflatable kayaks, which due to their stability, are a great choice for beginners, families and anyone who is encountering wild water for the first time.

The guide, who will accompany your group in his kayak, will initially explain the basics of kayaking technique and the course of the trip. During the descent, he will guide you and take care of your safety.

We launch our kayaks near the Boka waterfall, where we meet the Soča in its quieter part. Towards the end of the trip, we paddle the deep green waters of the Soča, where our excitement level rises with its lively current.

An individual kayak ride on the Soča River with an unique inflatable, is an unforgettable challenge that allows you to meet the Soča in all its charm. There are also classic closed kayaks for the more experienced kayakers.

Info: m +386 31 263 632   I


This was an awesome experience and would very much recommend! We went on a kayak tour down the Soča River which was beautiful. The entire staff was very knowledgeable and helpful. And everyone was a blast to hang out with. The guide was great at teaching us the basics and even giving us the opportunity to try a few more difficult paddle techniques down the river. The equipment was in awesome shape and pretty sure that the wetsuits had never been worn. After our tour we were provided with refreshments and a delicious local treat, bovški krafi (seriously delicious!). It was well worth the trip there and I would love to return for more adventures! Highly recommend this for newbies, family, friends, and just about anyone who wants to have a good time in a beautiful area with great people.