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River bob or hydrospeed provides the most direct contact with wild water. It is at the same time the wildest and most physically demanding adrenaline madness on the river Soca. Using the river bob and swim fins, dressed in a thick neoprene suit, you will swim the icy emerald Soca. For this adventure, we recommend that you are physically and psychologically prepared! Our guide will accompany you in a kayak and will direct you and care for your safety. Hydrospeed is not suitable for children.

Hydrospeed Soča

Section: Srpenica 1- Trnovo 1
River Difficulty: II-IV
Activity Difficulty: Demanding
Duration: Up to 4 hours including transportation

Hydrospeed Soča

This is a standard descent with the river bob, which is possible during low or medium water levels on the Soca.

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