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Bovec is located in a karst region. Thick layers of limestone have been eroded to create furrows, chasms, and gorges. Several caves on Mount Kanin are listed among the world record holders. The Cehi 2 cave at 1503 meters deep is the eleventh deepest in the world and has yet to be completely studied. A visit to these chasms requires a true spelunking expedition, but the mysterious underworld of Kanin can be glimpsed through the Srnica cave which is located at the foot of the mountain.

Srnica Cave

Location: 3 km from Bovec
Access: hiking path, 15 minutes
Activity difficulty: Demanding
Duration: up to 5 hours including transportation

Srnica Cave

A visit to Srnica in summer will chill you, as you will be entering a natural refrigerator. Our ancestors used the cave as a place to store their Bovec cheese. From the Slovene word for cheese – “sir” - comes the name Srnica – place for cheese, shortened from the word Sir-nica. We won’t be coming across any cheese in the cave as those days, unfortunately, have passed.
The cave is a network of 704 meters of tunnels, through which water has run for thousands of years. There are two entrances about 45 meters difference in elevation. We will enter through the lower entrance and make our way through narrow passages toward the upper exit. From there, we will lower ourselves back to solid ground with the help of ropes. In the Srnica caves, you will be enchanted by the heart-shaped shells called megalodontid shells that adorn the walls of the dolomite limestone.

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